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Photographer In You
The Story Is Happening
All Around You
With Photography you have the Power to capture the Clarity in the Chaos, the Magic in the Seemingly Mundane, and the Raw Beauty of the Untold Stories in Life
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in you
Leela Moon

Hey There! I am the Image Obsessed woman behind the scenes here at Photographer In You. This is where I come to let my passion loose and share my love of photography. Here you can find a judgement free zone to learn, be inspired, get motivated, and connect with a fellow photographer.

self portrait of photographer leela moonawkward photographer behind the scenes
Awkward Introvert

For all the ways I can find to make my clients comfortable when getting photographed, my awkward self cant seem to remember a lick of it when I find myself in front of the lens.

adventure family photographer wearing baby on hikemother and daughter favorite family hike on oahu hawaii
Avid hiker

My favorite way to get all my fixes is to pack up my family + my camera and go on an adventure. My biggest goal in life is to make hiking and traveling with my family my full time "job".

empowered woman beauty fashion photographer

I had been following Kellys journey for a while. She was going through a tough one, but one we all face at some point or another. Only she wasn't just staring at the path and saying one day. She was Facing her Fears and putting herself to the test, daily.

documentary photography candid image of father and son laughing

Connecting with your client is The Best Way to get the candid natural poses you ( and they ) are dreaming of. Get to know what makes them laugh and cry and what makes them feel special and loved. By knowing their story you can capture it in an authentic way. Learn how to get the juicy info with a Family + Couple Questionnaire.

Beauty and fashion portrait photography learning to become a photographer

The photoshoot that made me a photographer. Here is where the image I love most was created, and thus, my passion born.

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