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Photographer In You
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Welcome to my story.
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Leela Moon

Passionate Dreamer. A lover of Beauty and Raw Emotion. I use my photography to collect pieces of the world, and the people I find in it. Born in Texas into a family of trouble, I have been wandering since I was young. I followed the Ocean throughout my travels and eventually found myself in the middle of it. Here, in Hawaii, is where I had my children, opened myself to the world, and gained an intense longing to experience it fully. This is where I found my passion in Photography. I have come into this craft, from my constant obsession, to capture what I feel from my travels. For sharing my findings. And mostly, for the perfectly perfect reason, to experience all that this world has to offer.

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I had been following Kellys journey for a while. She was going through a tough one, but one we all face at some point or another. Only she wasn't just staring at the path and saying one day. She was Facing her Fears and putting herself to the test, daily.

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Connecting with your client is The Best Way to get the candid natural poses you ( and they ) are dreaming of. Get to know what makes them laugh and cry and what makes them feel special and loved. By knowing their story you can capture it in an authentic way. Learn how to get the juicy info with a Family + Couple Questionnaire.

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The photoshoot that made me a photographer. Here is where the image I love most was created, and thus, my passion born.

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Leela Moon

Leela Moon

Photographer + Traveler Deeply Emotional. A Dreamer. Teacher and Constant Learner. I am Image Obsessed. When not behind a camera I am convincing someone else to be or traveling the world with my family...and as always, my camera.

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