Photographer In You came about from my constant search for connection, learning, motivation, and inspiration for my photography. After taking countless classes, courses, and workshops I was still left dumbfounded.

It took me years of trial + error to get comfortable in my craft.

That left me with an urge to show and teach others who are figuring out this beautiful, mad world of photography the things that helped me and pushed me forward.

But my passion is a bottomless well.

And pushing through fears seems to be an ever present factor as a photographer. So, I also use this space to document my photography journey. Here I share my desire to learn all I can and to connect with others along the way.

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Want To Know A Little More About Me?

I am a momma of 3 and wife to crazy man. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I long to travel and learn all I can, with my camera in my hands of course, and have big dreams to make this happen. If you want to know more about what I get up to behind the scenes of my camera you can find me and my crew ( Cooper, Willow Bee, Faye Baby, and The Husband ) over at LifeOvergrown.

If you pop in from here make sure and say Hi!